Leave the door open, we are not done yet!

Be passionately curious.

Okay, here is a quick stream of thought on the importance of curiosity in life.

There is an abundance of knowledge created by humans and still, we think most of the stuff has to be discovered yet(like mysteries of the universe). Though we have many groundbreaking discoveries and inventions, we haven't stopped improving our lives on earth. This basic nature of the human species paved the path for many thriving businesses in different sectors of the market. There are no boundaries and limits to our evolution be it good or bad.

Contribute to our evolution by being curious.

The world direly needs thinking minds.

Do not take anything for granted.

We breathe air, but we haven't stopped just breathing. We found a way to transfer humongous amounts of data through the air.

So, make your brain think of infinitesimal details of anything that happens around you. Observe carefully, and make a few assumptions about how it works. Build a testing framework that tests your assumptions. You know, just give a few moments to your brain to think in all possible ways.

Question relentlessly.

Once you begin thinking, your brain automatically starts questioning.

Your brain: Okay, what's now?

Question everything, even if you are aware of it already. Here's a goodie: The best way to concentrate is to force your brain to question without getting sidetracked. Find answers by asking experts or in our modern era just google it.

Break your belief system constantly.

Limiting beliefs, in most cases, are unconscious thoughts, which appear as defense mechanisms to avoid possible failures and disappointment. Our subconscious always finds a way to block thoughts right away. Recognize a limiting belief by questioning the root of the problem.

Align with purpose.

Make sure you have a purpose before you trigger your brain to think. Accelerate ways to reach predefined goals without getting burnt. If you want to excel in a field, make sure you align with the original purpose.

PS: This is my first ever post so keeping it short, small sessions of knowledge consumption are effective.

All good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere. - Anne Lammot